Why are you forming a new pipe band?

Many of us are looking for a change from the current pipe band structure and focus on teaching and learning  traditional tunes and keeping the band politics to a minimum.  We have selected the  sets with traditional tunes that all pipers should know, therefore keeping it simple but clean.   We are focused on giving the audiences a great performance playing the tunes they recognize and love to hear. Click here for our band principles.

Practice is held in the South Denver area at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. If you are interested in coming to a practice please contact us. Click Here

We also have sponsors to support a new band.

What are the requirements to join?

All pipers and drummers will have to pass proficiency in order to play for performances.

The main proficiency test will be playing the March  Set  1, The March Set 2, Retreat Set, the Irish Set, Loch Lomond Set, Burns' Set and Slow Aire tunes either solo or with up to two other pipers of choice. Drummers with at least one piper. 

All members will be voted in by members of the band.

Yearly support fee of $50

Will you be providing lessons for new pipers and drummer?

The band offers instruction for piping and drumming as an encouragement and incentive for attracting new members. An instructional program has been designed to meet the needs of the individual member and the band as a whole.  Student fees for lessons from the band is $25 per month. This includes two 1 hour band lessons per month. Plus additional workshops when provided.

The band will also provide instruction for the pipe and drum corps through a variety of mechanisms when available including  practice sessions with outside instructors, band workshops, and incentives for individual instruction.

It is highly recommended to take private lessons outside of the band. We can help find and set up individuals with instructors.

What is the uniform?

The uniform to start will be a kilt with tartan of choice ( no utility type kilts ), white short sleeve shirt, black tie, black vest, black Glengarry, white piper hose, black gillie brogues, flashes and sporran of choice.  Cold weather members should have a black  v-neck military sweater and a rain cape. (uniform pieces and some prices) Members are required to supply there own uniform.

Band Tartan: Ancient Caledonian (click here to view)

Will the band supply any of the uniforms or equipment?

The band is starting with some sponsorship donations which will help in some of the start up costs such as: Chanters and reeds, drums, tent, other fees, etc....

Once the funds are raised the band will supply kilts with a deposit from the band members.

Where does the tunes selection come from?

Mainly from three sources ( but not limited to )

1..The School of Piping Essential Tunes Volume 1 and 2
2. RSPBA Music Appreciation Program  (MAP) for Grade 4 Bands
3. Scots Guards Books 1 and 2
4. Mass band tunes

Why limit to these tunes?

Mainly to learned traditional tunes like Green Hill of Tyrol and When the Battle's O'er which are played at mass bands and by almost every other pipe band in the world. So by staying with more traditional tunes the goal is that the piper  can learn  tunes that are played around the world and that all pipers should have in their repertoire.

This of course does not say we cannot play other tunes for variety.  

Are pipers and drummers tired of playing the same old thing over and over?

Yes, I am sure a lot of them are. However, remember that a pipe band is really there for the audience. The audience typically wants the traditional recognizable tunes like Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace. During mass bands at Highland Games  you always play Green Hill's of Tyrol and the When the Battle's O'er. It is part of the duty of being a piper and a drummer in a pipe band.
Remember that your favorite rock band most likely plays the same songs almost every day for ever, and they sound great because of it. ( Well most rock bands )

What if I find the tunes boring and the competition set is just not a challenge for me?

There are other great pipe bands in Colorado (including grade 3 bands) who are always looking for great pipers and drummers. Hopefully they could provide you with a better challenge.

When and where do you practice?

Currently we practice Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30. We are currently practicing at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in the DTC area. If you are interested in coming to a practice please contact us. Click Here



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